The only thing that keeps you from letting everything go. They only one who can let that all go is you.

Who else can give you that freedom of your own bullshit is yourself by as easily as saying I forgive. When I was religious I could easily say I forgive because that was always said in passing. As I have grown out of religion I have come to realise the benefits of actually letting things go. Letting bad things happen and having the part of you that can let that happen and allow it to happen.

What I have been lacking recently, and it’s hard to admit but is the will to let those things go. I find it particularly hard to forgive and like most people in the western world this leads to my undoing.

How do I forgive?

Think of all the painful things that happen to you. Picture them clearly as possible and hold on to them. Make the loud colorful and as vibrant to all the senses as much as possible. Then as soon as you think it is to much, let it go. Let everything go come back to where you are. Take a deep breath. Tune down the color and the volume. Make the present louder and more vibrant than you could have before. Make reality am adult to the senses but in a good way that you can take it and accept it as what it truly is. The present. Now love them.

Love all the painful moments of your life. Love them because they made you who you are.


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