Between doing and not doing

The emphasis of it all seems to be on the act itself. There is some weird thing that happens when you actually decide to do something. What changes?

Nothing. You have not done anything yet. Your mind has become so wrapped up in itself that you are now just thinking of all the doing you could be doing and instead do nothing.

What then, does it take to actually do? It takes accepting failure all the time. It takes going out there and knowing that you will die fighting. That you won’t ever make it and that’s OK because all your doing is making it easier for the next person that comes along.

We create off of the back of giants but are we not also to the ones who will be leap frogged off when our children grow up. We will be the inspirations of the next generation. They are the ones that are the people who are spotting the trends. The obvious conclusions that everyone else should have been seeing if they where actually looking.

It its by the process of doing that we learn. We do like a child would. They have no fear. They do not even care if they are doing it wrong. Its a game. Its all for fun. There is no purpose. All of a sudden, there is no performance anxiety that we as adults seem to put upon ourselves.

The act of doing frees our minds of the fear of failure. The fear of failure is just a repeating start cycle, without ever leading to action. It is an infinite loop. The brain identifies this as what it is, a problem and proceeds to tell the conscious part of the person that something is wrong. Why could they not do something about this error?

Not doing is so attractive that we think that its the end goal, the thing to achieve in life. That is why so many of us feel so empty. We have already got what we set out to achieve as soon as we start. There is nothing else that we can get if we do not want to do.

Choosing to do just do one thing makes you productive. You do not have 100 different conflicting things that you would rather be doing, which would force you into not doing. It is what you do that is more important that how you do it.


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