Doing the things that noone else will do

What happens when you throw yourself into the fire? What are the things that everyone runs away from doing because they are to hard or they reveal to much of yourself. For me it used to be stand up comedy. That was before I tried it and found out how easy it actually it. Maybe it comes naturally, I don’t know. Maybe I shouldn’t let my ego get the better of me, most likely.

I often find myself now offering to help whenever the opportunity arises. I have come to a point where if anyone asks for help then I say yes. I give my time away because what I gain from giving my time away is the experience and a chance to learn.

Look around you day to day. There are countless times that you could just do something nice that would benefit everyone around you. Often times we forget that just saying thank you is one of the biggest ways that we can help and inspire other people. You give someone a currency that they cannot earn or spend in any other way.

Its often hard to find the ways that you can help but once you start moving you will find a way to get there.


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