Setting Goals

For the last month I have had this pinned to my wall.

Goals June 2014

I got to see it every time that I was in my room. I was reminded that I wanted to achieve things. They where hard(ish) goals. Here’s a wrap up of the things that I actually achieved this month.


No Drinking Alcohol

This one was easier than I thought it would be. Not that I drink a lot normally but it started to become a habit that I would go to a bar and just order a drink. That’s whats done, right?

It was a social norm that I was falling into. Something that I no longer needed to do out of habit. While I didn’t really achieve this because I did have alcohol twice in the month in my food, I did go without drinking any.

It was great to be able to wake up in the morning fresh and with a clear head. I am considering just keeping this up, simply because it was so easy. The number of benefits outweighs the costs of drinking. I don’t know how much money I have saved by not spending money on alcohol. I don’t know the health benefits that will come from not drinking.

Writing for 30 minutes a day

This goal was always going to be a hard one, because it requires action. Every day I have written in some form or another. Whether it is scrappy notes, jokes for my comedy or musings on nothing in general.

I would have to say that it has been the hardest on going commitment that I have made ever. It has required more self discipline than any other task that I have set out to achieve and to the best of my knowledge I achieved it.

Now, I was generous on myself. I knew how long 30 minutes was from timing it a few times and then just writing that long on a page or screen.

I was also generous to myself for writing comedy. I find that I come up with my best idea’s while I am walking. So I would take a notepad and walk around and generate jokes. While this is not technically writing, I gave myself a pass as it is productive and creative none the less.


Travel Plans

This was always going to be the big one. I knew that by setting this goal, I would change the course of my life, if I could take action on it.

I bought the plane ticket to Melbourne and I resigned from work. 2 very very difficult things for me to do, and I don’t know why.

I did not however sort out accommodation or work for when I am in Melbourne, that has now moved to this months goals.


What I learnt

Setting goals is easy. Its just making a decision on anything. It doesn’t matter what the goal is. Just chose something.

After I finally chose to do a goal, the rest of the process became so much simpler. Oh, I have to do this thing now, lets get started. It became a process of not questioning what I was going to do but how I was going to do it.

Having goals is something that I have read about for a while now, this is one of the first times that I have set them, and followed through by taking action to complete those goals.

Did I complete everything I set out to do? No. Am I ok with the fact that I failed? Yes, because I accomplished so much more than I thought that I would have been able to.

Now its time to create new goals for this month, and get working on those. Stay tuned to find out what they are.


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