Free writing

I am surprised every time that I sit down to write. Its often quite hard. I mostly do not want to be there. Something weird is always trying to push me away from the page.

Inevitably, 1 of 2 things happen. The first is that I am defeated. Instead of doing work I go and watch a youtube video or read some blog post. I never take any action doing this. Its purely about content consumption. And it sucks.

The second thing which is very rewarding but very very hard to do is to just start writing. Often you simply have no sentences in your head that you want to write about. What the hell are you supposed to start with?

And that is where the trick is. You just start with a thought, write that thought out and go from there.

Now, this is such a invigorating process that you will often be swept with words or ideas at a point. Too many things will come to the front of your mind to write about. There is to much to do. So many words will come at once.

Then, they wont. They will slow down and almost stop. You will have a internal story that slows down enough for you to focus on the words that you are writing. You start to pay attention to why you are using them. You become aware of minimalism, that you should use as few words as possible to convey an idea. 

However those words now have to carry a meaning.

They have to be heavy enough to transfer the meaning and beauty of a story through to the reader with minimal effort. The reader must be able to see the writers mind exactly.

Then you awake. You have written words for a certain amount of time.

How long? Who knows. Is any of what you wrote any good? Who cares.

Why would you then do the practice of free writing? Simple really. The performance anxiety that we put on our self to write is very high. When you want to start to write for a purpose you are afraid that you wont be able to deliver content that is of high enough quality. When you write for no purpose you allow yourself to be like a child and have fun. You remove all pressure to preform.

I have been surprised how easy it was to pick up and how mind altering practicing writing for 30 minutes a day for the last month has been. Problems seem to resolve themselves around you when you give yourself time to think over ideas enough. Its a practice that I will take forward into the future. I encourage anyone now who will listen to me to do it. 

A question for you is, What are you going to create for no purpose today?



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