What i’m learning from writing 30 minutes a day

I wake up. Rub the sleep out of my eyes. I’m half asleep still and I cant see anything because I have no contact lenses in. Take a moment to gather my thoughts. They are scattered and I shake them off.

“Alright, I’ll get up now” Ill say to myself, half an hour after I have woken up. I am a slow riser.

Get some clothes on, have a glass of water, boiled if its cold. Go to the toilet and then sit back down in my room.

I’m getting quieter in my head now, because I know what is coming.

I pull out the lined pad out of the compendium. I get my pen that is only used at this time of the day. I’ll find something to write in the first sentence. Then I will start to write. Long hand. For 3 full pages. No line spaces. 

Now your in the thick of your mind. Your mind is racing to think up something to write. At the same time your hands are having to go at speed to get the words down but they are limited to the speed at which you can write.

Your mind now becomes clear. You cannot think 1000 different things at once. But you have to come up with something clear so that you can relax and not freak out by writing

“I don’t know what to write about”.

Curious though, because when you write “I don’t know what to write about”, you inevitably write something like “well the weather is nice today, I guess I could go out early to the market. I wont have to worry about rain so I can carry less stuff.”

Now your in the thick of it.

You come up with something because you have no other choice. You make something up. You define the story that you are telling yourself for the day. Your mind becomes focused and on point.

However, the first thing that comes up is horrible.

I hate this, dam that, why are people so annoying, my back hurts, I didn’t get good sleep last night.

In reality the worst most horrible stuff that you don’t want to be focusing on comes to the surface. And you cannot stop because you have to write 3 pages…. 0.o

What do you do then? You define the things that you want to get done.

Now, you might be starting to get through your second page. Your relaxing a bit now. Lets move on with better things that you could be doing.

The third page your in the grove. Haven’t stoped yet and your flowing with thoughts of ways to improve every thought that is going through your head. You let things flow in and out of your head your just observing them. You let your mind relax and your almost finished. Write the last line and end with a great question to ponder. Your relaxed and your mind is at ease. Now go about your day.

How do I know that this is helpful? Even if I achieve nothing by writing those pages, I will do something that very few other people will do. I will put in the time it takes to write them and endure the struggle of writing them.

Well, that’s my weird thought and thing that im doing at the moment. Long may it last. If you want to know more search for morning pages. I’ll have to add a link if I edit this at some point.



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