Monthly goals June 2014

Goals June 2014


Some what interestily I’ve now got a pinboard in my new room. So I though that given I have nothing on it yet I would put up a list of my goals that I want to achieve so that I can see it every day and refocus on what I want to be doing. Also, by posting them here I have to be somewhat accountable to myself.

So on to the list.

No Drinking alcohol. For the health benefits and also for the money saving. I’ve always wanted to do month long things and I’m sure this will be one of my easier goals for the month. The main reason it is on the list is that I can imagine that I could achieve it. So why not.

30 minutes of writing. Im not being specific as to weather it is new stuff, old jokes, not jokes, pen and paper or on the keyboard. I just want to spend a specific amount of time writing. I am not being super strict on the effort that I put into it. I get a general sense of how well I’m doing, but if it does become a problem that I think I might be slacking off, I can use the stopwatch on my phone.

Sorting out travel. Logistics…. Sigh. My biggest fault at the moment is orginsation and sorting things out. Well I dont want to accept that anymore from myself. I want to move and the destination that I have been talking about for a while now is Melbourne. I have had a look at the Melbourne subreddit I have asked a few questions there and I have found some helpful places of where to search for rental properties and jobs. I will be delving deeper into this over the next couple of months. It should keep me busy while focused on doing something cool.

Well, I hope I can keep to these goals. I know I should have been more specific on the last and that is something that I notice now that I am reviewing the list. I can’t take it off the list now. I think that that fear is something that is just my own fear moving getting in the way of what I really want. I won’t let it stop me and i’ll work around it however I can.




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