The questions that I get about Vibram Five Fingers

I love the faces that people pull. Often times I don’t think that half of them realize that they are doing it. Its just a natural reflex to look and see some random guy walking down the street with some crazy toe shoes on.

What I tend to love more are the series of questions that leads on from wearing them and is one of the natural conversation started that I now tend to have with people.

So, like are they comfortable?

Wow. I should wear some kind of crazy tee-shirt in bright red with the words “Im wearing toe shoes, dont be shocked” on it. About 8 out of 10 people ask this question.

The answer is obviously yes. They are comfortable and they are quiet lovely to wear. Its like walking barefoot across a really nice field that has no rocks or twigs in it. You can feel the deviations underfoot but they don’t even bother you. When there is something that has a sharp edge like a small rock, the edges are smoothed off by the sole and its really not that bad. You can even grip around those things to help strengthen you toes and work the muscles in your feet.

Are they warm?

Well, that’s kind of like asking if your hands are warm in winter in gloves, but if you were always holding a frozen pole. No they are not particularly warm but you don’t tend to notice it after a while.

So are they like socks?

While they are really thin, no. Vibram’s are definitely a shoe. A minimalist shoe, yes, but a shoe none the less. They work well for almost any activity where you would normally wear a shoe like tramping or running. More so for running because they allow the leg to work correctly with the impacts that they take.

Did you hear about the latest court case involving vibram’s, they don’t strengthen your feet

Ah, my friend your are well read. You know of that study that came out. Here’s my take from what I understand.

This all comes from the point of view that we are all naturally build to adapt. When vibram makes the claim that five fingers help strengthen your feet, they assume that you normally wear a pair of shoes that have a hard shoe and a high heal. This disengages all the muscles in your foot because they no longer have to engage to keep traction on the ground. So by saying that vibram’s strengthen your feet, what they really mean is that they return your feet to where they would naturally be, strong and healthy, if you were not wearing shoes. Its a case of semantics but that is the way of the law and court cases.

Overall, I like them and really they are a easy conversation starter that everyone can cling on to. It makes for a great ice breaker, and they are just fun.


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