Lets talk about a powerful piece of technology, that the code is for free

If you ever wanted to simply be able to come home to a roast perfectly cooked in the oven, the lights dimed to the right level and the heat just so, then a new combination of ideas that I saw today on the next is certianly it. 

That kind of home automation would be able to solve alot of problems really quite quickly and easily. The only thing that it really needs is a functional beautiful exterior and then you would have a Awesome user friendly do anything with power-er.

I want the lithium ion battery in my phone perfectly charged so that I can get the most discharge cycles from it and that it will last as long as possible. No worries. Oh, maybe I want to use my phone while its plugged in. Well, that would normally cause some issue with the battery heating up. Not really an issue any more.

Only thing that video lacked was some style.


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