Leave my email alone!

One of them most common things that I see nowdays on the net is people who are trying to grow their email lists. Why? Its becasue email is the only thing that you don’t get a new one of every day of the week. 

You can get a new twitter, facebook, instagram, tumblur, reddit etc but you dont get a new email. 

Here’s the thing, I dont like people filling up my email with loads of crap.

I recently used https://unroll.me/ to clear up all the emails that I was getting from annoying places. The total number of lists that unroll.me picked up was around 70+!! I was shocked.

After going through the list and unsubing from all the junk content that was being pushed into my precious inbox I was left with about 5 lists, which I then wittled down to about 3 lists after I got super angry.

The only lists I am on now are the ones like Neville Medhora’s who acutally makes really cool email lists.

Heres the thing though. I don’t completly unsubscribe myself from their content. What do I mean by that?

Well, I subscribe to them via rss. Rss simply means “really simple syndication” Nice. I like that kind of simplicity and subtle humor. 

What is rss? Well instead of having to manually open an email from a blog, or more annoying go to the blog, website, youtube channel whatever, to see if it has a new blog post, I instead go to my rss feed reader.  1 page instead of 100 or 1000 or 10000 different pages that produce content. For this I turn to feedly.

Feedly is a clean and minimaist rss reader. The UI is nice and simple and is functional on any of my devices that I’ve used it on (Acer c720, note II, random computers at internet cafes) Basicly if you have a smart device, feedly should work for it.

Why do I recommed it highly? Well, when I want to go and watch a youtube video I want to check out what I can watch. I could go to my subscriptions page on youtube, but I would also be asulted with 100 other different videos that I also might want to watch. Ugh I just want to watch a new Vsauce damn it. With feedly, I group all of my youtube subs together so that I can see what is new. And only what is new. If there isnt a new video, guess what, I dont watch anything. No longer do you have to see any old videos if you dont want to (I do not) phew that is really realiving.

What if I want to read a comic, an xkcd or a saturday morning breakfast cereal. I just go to my comis tab and check what is new. Bomb. Same lay out as before, no having to navigate a new website becasue all the content is in one place. I dont need to know how the content producer wanted me to find their content on their website I just get it (which is what they want anyway).

What if I find some piece of content that I want to share with my frineds. Ill just use the built in sharing method in feedly rather than some annoying popup (a la sumo.me…grr) and I DONT NEED TO LEARN A NEW METHOD THAT THAT WEBSITE HAS. Celebrate.

Seriously though, check out feedly, you will

  • add alot of different content sources
  • Read, watch videos, and learn form many sources
  • Support content producers by consuming their content, and do it easier by removing all the Bull shit that they put up on their websites
  • Keep your “browsing time” to a minimum

There are a suprising amount of website that already have rss built in. Basicly any piece of content on the internet most likely has an rss ready and waiting for you to use, even mine. Try feedly and add me first 🙂

My next post will be about how to set up feedly and use it. If you have found this useful at all, leave a comment and let me know that you want me to continue.



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