The questions that I get about Vibram Five Fingers

I love the faces that people pull. Often times I don’t think that half of them realize that they are doing it. Its just a natural reflex to look and see some random guy walking down the street with some crazy toe shoes on.

What I tend to love more are the series of questions that leads on from wearing them and is one of the natural conversation started that I now tend to have with people.

So, like are they comfortable?

Wow. I should wear some kind of crazy tee-shirt in bright red with the words “Im wearing toe shoes, dont be shocked” on it. About 8 out of 10 people ask this question.

The answer is obviously yes. They are comfortable and they are quiet lovely to wear. Its like walking barefoot across a really nice field that has no rocks or twigs in it. You can feel the deviations underfoot but they don’t even bother you. When there is something that has a sharp edge like a small rock, the edges are smoothed off by the sole and its really not that bad. You can even grip around those things to help strengthen you toes and work the muscles in your feet.

Are they warm?

Well, that’s kind of like asking if your hands are warm in winter in gloves, but if you were always holding a frozen pole. No they are not particularly warm but you don’t tend to notice it after a while.

So are they like socks?

While they are really thin, no. Vibram’s are definitely a shoe. A minimalist shoe, yes, but a shoe none the less. They work well for almost any activity where you would normally wear a shoe like tramping or running. More so for running because they allow the leg to work correctly with the impacts that they take.

Did you hear about the latest court case involving vibram’s, they don’t strengthen your feet

Ah, my friend your are well read. You know of that study that came out. Here’s my take from what I understand.

This all comes from the point of view that we are all naturally build to adapt. When vibram makes the claim that five fingers help strengthen your feet, they assume that you normally wear a pair of shoes that have a hard shoe and a high heal. This disengages all the muscles in your foot because they no longer have to engage to keep traction on the ground. So by saying that vibram’s strengthen your feet, what they really mean is that they return your feet to where they would naturally be, strong and healthy, if you were not wearing shoes. Its a case of semantics but that is the way of the law and court cases.

Overall, I like them and really they are a easy conversation starter that everyone can cling on to. It makes for a great ice breaker, and they are just fun.


Saying “Thank you”

I’ve been feeling limited recently. I didn’t know where this feeling of being limited was coming from. I don’t fully know now. But I have learned one simple thing, which has come from saying the simplest thing that I could say.

Thank you.

By saying that one simple thing you give people something that they cannot earn in any other way. By giving thanks you offer them a currency that they are unable to spend in this life in any way. You offer them the thing that they want way more in the world than any other thing.

You give them meaning to their life.

Its rather easy to do, and should be done as often as possible. Being more thankful of what we have keeps us humble to appreciate how nice we have it right now. It makes us present and aware.

Go and say thank you today because it will help you and also help the person being thanked.

How I deal with stage fright

Show time

I’m standing back stage. I can see the MC up on stage, engaging the crowd wonderfully with his myriad of experience to call upon. Its great to watch.

Except for the fact that I’m going on stage next. GULP

The fear is growing

I’m pacing back and forward now there is only a few minutes left till its going to be me up there, with no one else. Just me, facing the crowd. The panic sets in….

or does it??

What if there was a hack, that I could easily do that would crush fear and anxiety? What if it was so simple, that there was no way to fail at it, simply that you just needed to do it. I’m not talking about something as passive as visualization (although its a powerful tool), I’m talking about controlling body language.

Here’s where I learnt this little hack.

It comes from Amy Cuddy’s TED talk where she covers the science of our body language. Here’s the TED talk.

Its so simple

Simply holding your arms up in a power pose changes your body at a hormonal level. That is deep.

I’ve been using this almost every show that I’ve gone to and it has help tremendously. My last show, for example on Thursday 15th May I used this at the upstairs room at Kitty O’Shea’s on Courtenay place. There was no green room nowhere to hide. Just a room with a microphone in one corner and the bar in the opposite corner. I just had to stand out the back of the room with my arms in the air. No one was looking at my because they were all looking at the comic on stage. It made it super easy to get calm, and put my hands in the air like I had just won a 100 meter sprint.

And the weirdest thing happened

I wasn’t scared when I went up to preform. I was calm, relaxed and I owned that night. I didnt forget my material (I had worked on a memory technique) which is what I was so worried that I might do.

I had done it.

At the end of the night talking with other comics at the back of the room, not one person gave me the feedback “well, it would have been better if you had been more confident” which is what they told me before I started using that technique but they rather said to me “wow I loved it. I really like your character, and I really loved xyz joke.”

Why had no one exposed me to this concept earlier? How many more little hacks like this were there possibly out there, left to be discovered? I don’t know, but I do know that I will seek them out now with ferocity and passion and I know that nothing will stop me from finding them.

So when your feeling down and depressed, just give it a try. Do it when no one is looking at you, when you need a little boost and you will become powerful and confident, naturally, without effort. You will just be present.

Leave my email alone!

One of them most common things that I see nowdays on the net is people who are trying to grow their email lists. Why? Its becasue email is the only thing that you don’t get a new one of every day of the week. 

You can get a new twitter, facebook, instagram, tumblur, reddit etc but you dont get a new email. 

Here’s the thing, I dont like people filling up my email with loads of crap.

I recently used to clear up all the emails that I was getting from annoying places. The total number of lists that picked up was around 70+!! I was shocked.

After going through the list and unsubing from all the junk content that was being pushed into my precious inbox I was left with about 5 lists, which I then wittled down to about 3 lists after I got super angry.

The only lists I am on now are the ones like Neville Medhora’s who acutally makes really cool email lists.

Heres the thing though. I don’t completly unsubscribe myself from their content. What do I mean by that?

Well, I subscribe to them via rss. Rss simply means “really simple syndication” Nice. I like that kind of simplicity and subtle humor. 

What is rss? Well instead of having to manually open an email from a blog, or more annoying go to the blog, website, youtube channel whatever, to see if it has a new blog post, I instead go to my rss feed reader.  1 page instead of 100 or 1000 or 10000 different pages that produce content. For this I turn to feedly.

Feedly is a clean and minimaist rss reader. The UI is nice and simple and is functional on any of my devices that I’ve used it on (Acer c720, note II, random computers at internet cafes) Basicly if you have a smart device, feedly should work for it.

Why do I recommed it highly? Well, when I want to go and watch a youtube video I want to check out what I can watch. I could go to my subscriptions page on youtube, but I would also be asulted with 100 other different videos that I also might want to watch. Ugh I just want to watch a new Vsauce damn it. With feedly, I group all of my youtube subs together so that I can see what is new. And only what is new. If there isnt a new video, guess what, I dont watch anything. No longer do you have to see any old videos if you dont want to (I do not) phew that is really realiving.

What if I want to read a comic, an xkcd or a saturday morning breakfast cereal. I just go to my comis tab and check what is new. Bomb. Same lay out as before, no having to navigate a new website becasue all the content is in one place. I dont need to know how the content producer wanted me to find their content on their website I just get it (which is what they want anyway).

What if I find some piece of content that I want to share with my frineds. Ill just use the built in sharing method in feedly rather than some annoying popup (a la…grr) and I DONT NEED TO LEARN A NEW METHOD THAT THAT WEBSITE HAS. Celebrate.

Seriously though, check out feedly, you will

  • add alot of different content sources
  • Read, watch videos, and learn form many sources
  • Support content producers by consuming their content, and do it easier by removing all the Bull shit that they put up on their websites
  • Keep your “browsing time” to a minimum

There are a suprising amount of website that already have rss built in. Basicly any piece of content on the internet most likely has an rss ready and waiting for you to use, even mine. Try feedly and add me first 🙂

My next post will be about how to set up feedly and use it. If you have found this useful at all, leave a comment and let me know that you want me to continue.


Lets talk about a powerful piece of technology, that the code is for free

If you ever wanted to simply be able to come home to a roast perfectly cooked in the oven, the lights dimed to the right level and the heat just so, then a new combination of ideas that I saw today on the next is certianly it. 

That kind of home automation would be able to solve alot of problems really quite quickly and easily. The only thing that it really needs is a functional beautiful exterior and then you would have a Awesome user friendly do anything with power-er.

I want the lithium ion battery in my phone perfectly charged so that I can get the most discharge cycles from it and that it will last as long as possible. No worries. Oh, maybe I want to use my phone while its plugged in. Well, that would normally cause some issue with the battery heating up. Not really an issue any more.

Only thing that video lacked was some style.