Solving problems and finishing cycles

Wow today has been a busy day. I woke up at 6am and it felt like something was wrong. What was wrong? I hadn’t done a lot of things that I wanted to.

This morning I cleaned the house, did the ironing, taught myself to sew and repaired some of my clothing, and took a rubish bag full of clothing to the salvation army. It was cool to actually take action and fix some real problems that I’ve had bugging me and remove things that were incomplete cycles(read on)

Sewing the pockets up in my jeans was one of my problems. I must have lost at least $10, pens and lists of notes. I could have lost a lot more things but I’m not going to anymore. What I found out was easy was because sewing up the jeans was really easy and I thought it would be really hard. Now, I know my sewing isn’t the best but it fixes it and now I can use thme to hold things without fear. Yay, cognitive load decreased.

I then proceeded to sew up my suit pants. They have had a hole in them for ages and wearing them makes me look like a loser. By fixing my suit pants, I’ll look that much more pimp when I wear them now.

This all seams to lead back to finishing cycles. What is a cycle I hear myself even ask. Let me explain.

When we start something new, a new venture, eating breakfast, watching a show, we begin a cycle. Take for example eating breakfast. The cycle begins when you take the first item out of the cupboard. When I was lazier, I thought that the cycle finished when I had eaten and had put my dishes on the bench. That is NOT the case. The cycle ends when you have cleaned up and your kitchen is in the same state or clearer than when you first started. Cycle complete. 

Now, for me at least, what I’ve started to notice is that I feel a lot better when I have less cycles running. I was tiring to figure out why that was. What I realised is that I’ll start something with great intent and then like eating breakfast ill stop. I wont finish what im doing. Therefore I get unhappy. Because the original intent of starting the cycle was out of want/need for fulfillment. By not finishing that cycle I do not gain any of the fulfillment from completing that cycle.

So, how do I keep myself completing cycles and keep less active cycles running. Efficiency. Simply by writing them down, and then crossing them off a list once they have been completed.

This brings me back to the old clothes I took the salvation army. Clothing is an imcomplete cycle, until you take it to its end and give it away/throw it out. I had not ganined the full apreciaton of my clothing because I had not finished the cycle.

So I filled up a recycling bag of all my old clothing. Black, drab, and things that didn’t fit. I even got paid to do so, I found around $5 in my pockets of the pants I got rid of :). Even more cycles completed.

I’ll post up some pictures as relevence, which are on my phone. You wont be able to read this when you do.


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