Movies and previews

I’ve stopped watching movie previews and stopped reading movie synopsis because they are like 3 minute versions of the story that you then go and confirm are correct. Like you read the synopses take notes then go in to the movie to make sure we’re correct like it’s a tray and your making it. Yes you did make your movie look like that 3 minute clip that gave away all the important scenes, plot twists and sex scenes. There’s nothing to look forward to. But if you go to a movie you know nothing about it gives you a great experience. I think there should be a choice at the movies that you don’t get to know the name of the movie or any of the actors. You only get to know is score on imbd or rotten tomatoes because then you would just get the best movies without prejudice.

I want to just turn up to the box office and be like, “hey what have you got on this evening and the young guy or girl working there would be like” we’ll there is a 8/10 on at the moment which is quite good oh but you should really see the 2/10 its the best film ever, all my friends are raving about it. It so cool. But tea there is also this really lame 9/10 but it’s really weird and I don’t get it. Like the story was ok I guess but I didn’t really know what was going on.” to which I’ll say I don’t care because your opinion is wrong by as judged by democracy. So democraticly I think you should be killed.”

And that is why I am now only watching 7/10 movies or above. No more thinking for myself. Because everyone else is better than me at it. Also no previews or synopsis, but that’s a side point.


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