Scared as hell

Is the communication that money provides translated from the aspect that everything is free and that we are only expressing that freedom in the terms of which we are give by the media the platform money creates. If we were to remove the construct of being paid for what we did and instead just did it because we did cool things that we love would we not actually become richer in the sense of money bit also on a plane above money where true happiness exists. Not only exist but the only place that it exist. That by gaining love and that happiness that then money and everything down stream from that plane also improve.

So then, where is my passion? What keeps me going? I have to go with comedy and the science and art of human interactions which is why pick up and poker also resonated with me, and why electrical work did not. I don’t think of wires and power and think that it’s cool. I almost did with some of the math bit was it the math or the learning of the math. Who knows I do but discussing these points are irrelevant, on to writing comedy.


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