This ones for me

I’ve been somewhat neglecting this small and insignificant part of my online life but I figure I will put this out into the ether for my own reference point in the future.

Also I would like to be into writing more so, nuts to it, here goes.

Last night, without wanting to, I lay on my bed without falling asleep for a while only thinking about worry-some things. This has never really happened to me before. I’ve always been one to put my head on to the pillow and fall asleep.

Whats been worrying me is my current skin issues. Now, with my crazy diet and personal experiments at the moment I must have messed something up which is reflecting on the outward appearance of my skin.

My hypothesis is that I may have a small dairy intolerance, possibly for the huge amounts of butter I have been consuming over the last year or so (including the awesome Lewis road butter I’ve just switched to). I will now over the next few weeks be switching to ghee

Wow this was ment to be posted on the 16 July 2013, consider I did it then.


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